From the Moment you see those         two little 


We are here to make sure that you never miss a moment. from announcing your little one is on the way, to chasing them around, hearing those big 

Belly Laughs,

to flipping through the 

pages of your signature parenthood album showing them all of your favorite memories. We know how fleeting these moments are and we want to help you preserve your family's memories for lifetimes to come.   

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A luxury experience for the sentimental parents 

Our parenthood collections are a luxury experience for parents who want to preserve their family's memories with photos and videos to be enjoyed for generations to come.

to flipping through


Hi I'm Morgan!

Your Family
Photographer & Videographer

I am so excited to be here for this journey called Parenthood with you. As your photographer, I want to build a relationship to where it doesn’t even feel like we’re taking pictures. Sometimes, life can be so chaotic, but when we look back at those times, we are often reminded that even in the chaos everything happened in accordance to God’s perfect plan. My goal is to capture your family right where you are in life. My hope with our Parenthood Collection™️ is that we can freeze that perfect chaos, just for a moment, for you to cherish forever.


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The Process

1. Inquire with us

first, you fill out the inquiry form on our website, tell us about your family and your vision for your session! We could not be more excited when we see your name pop up in our inbox! we actually text our team in excitement! 

2. We make it official

Once we determine the collection that works perfect for you, we will get you on our calendar! We will then send over your customized proposal and your parenthood collection guide with all of the details inside.

3. the fun part

Now that you're officially booked, lets pick out the perfect outfit from our client closet. We will send over a link where you can select the dress that feels most like you! 

We will bring your top choices over the day of your session and begin capturing some of your favorite memories.

4. Preserve your favorite Moments

Your gallery will typically be delivered within 14-21 days of your session. Once you receive your images, it's time to choose how you want to preserve your memories. We offer an array of products including our signature parenthood albums, our parenthood video album and many print products from our online print store. We will help design your products every step of the way.

5. Relive the memories

once your products have been delivered it's time to relive your favorite memories with the ones you love most. The best thing about this is, you'll be able to do it whenever you want. and that's truly the best part of it all. 



Montana here! I don't Know about you, but when i'm planning outfits for our next family session, I'm usually the last one i think about and end up rushing to find something that will look okay with everyone else's outfits. Let us take some stress off of you mama! each of our collections comes with exclusive access to our client closet. we have created this closet with you in mind and We want you to feel beautiful and confident going into your session with us. 

Not only do we have a closet for our mamas, we also have pieces for little mamas too!

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Photographs are powerful symbols that elevate everyday moments and turn them into art for everyone to enjoy. Did you know that scientists have proven that it is valuable for kids to see photos of themselves in their home? It boosts self-esteem and confidence in who they are and how they fit into their family. It's our job to create a safe and exciting environment for them to feel themselves in. Let us help you preserve your photos and take the stress off of ordering prints - all you have to do is find the perfect spot!

All parenthood collections come with a set amount of gallery prints. After choosing your prints, we will have them printed straight from our print store and delivered right to your door step.

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your phone after the kids are in bed, just to go back far enough to find photos of your babies when they were still babies? We desire for you to stop scrolling and grab an album from your coffee table or bookshelf and find the exact moments you're looking for. No more wasted time scrolling alllll the way back through your phone! 

After your sessions we will hand design an album for you. With your help, we will finalize the design and send it off to production. It will soon be on your doorstep ready for its new home!

Signature Albums

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A new kind of home 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? We found that some researchers say that a 1 minute video is worth 1.8 million words. But what's even better is that watching home videos with your loved ones is actually said to improve your mental health and puts you in a more positive space. We hope to fill our families homes with both photos and videos that you can look back on when you begin to dream about those first days home with your baby or hearing the laughs of your children when they are no longer children. 

yes, most of us these days just whip out our phones and take a quick video of the moment. but we want to make those memories last past the life of your phone and put them on the big screen. 

Family videos are included in The Seasons collection and can also be added on to any of The Joyful Moments Collections

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